Commitment that will give your Goals Clarity

Successful achievement of your goals needs a fully committed mind set.

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“Most people fail not because of a lack of desire but because of a lack of commitment.” Vince Lombardi

When we work on our goals it should be done without hesitation, without reservation or doubtful actions.

Real commitment, consistent moving towards the goal, living within the idea of what’s important, can only be a place of clarity and full-on commitment to the work.

It doesn’t guarantee success to be committed to a goal, it does mean that things will happen because of the force of your commitment.

To work towards a goal, a big goal that will change the circumstances of your life, requires that you are working with a clarity of purpose so lucid that doubt has no room to develop.

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We can achieve the mental focus of our purpose by taking the leap into the unknown. The meaning of commitment is to change your attitude towards how you do something, the energy you put into the tasks involved, and the willingness to become fully engaged in everything that is required to ensure success.

Focus will only be present when we are actually involved in the process.

Before we can commit to a goal, we must know that we want the outcome. We should also think it through and gain clarity on the reason why we want to achieve the end result.

“It can’t depend on your eyes when your mind is out of Focus”, Mark Twain.

We do this to put ourselves in the position where we can banish doubts about the need for the end result, and to be able to judge the work to be done in connection with the abilities needed to accomplish the work.

Knowing when to quit is a good thing — there is no value in flogging a dead horse.

To tell yourself that you will fully commit yourself and you will work each day on your goal is the first step, but to allow yourself the knowledge that as you progress you will naturally learn more and more about the value and the use of your goal, will enable you to be honest in your summing up your actions and results.

Without an escape route from disaster, you’ll put yourself into blind belief mode which could mean working at something that will never likely happen, or won’t really achieve anything for you. You may discover that it isn’t right for your needs.

Romantic Notions of the Mind

I am a writer. I love to tell stories and I fully understand that they are a solid part of our society. We need them, and we need writers of all kinds.

I tell stories because they help people reflect on their own lives, stories appeal to deeper feelings that can’t be fully articulated with words, the combination of ideas, well developed and written in a story can evoke feelings in a person that only they could know about, feel and use to live by.

I can’t write every type of story, but I have tried.

I sat down and began an idea for a story about two lovers, I thought it might appeal to all those Romance readers out there. After about 10 pages of trying my best to write what I think of as soapy slop, I found that my desire to continue had waned into a sliver of thought, and my commitment to finishing was a feeling like taking a cold bath on a winter’s day.

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Writing about romantic situations for titillation is just not my thing. Writing about the inner worlds of characters is, I stopped writing the story without giving it a second thought. No shame in quitting when it’s totally justified.

My commitment didn’t fail me, my determination was not in question, but my reason for action was most definitely questionable. I write and am committed, but I don’t write everything.

Doing is the “how” part of life and achievement. The “why” is the reason behind the actions. We should already have a “why” embedded into our thinking before we commit to an action, otherwise we will discover that our heart is not in it. Our motivations will be based on excitement and not on the need to succeed in an endeavour.

I stopped writing my romance story because my mind was filling up with doubts about my intentions.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going.” Jim Rohn

Doubt is the biggest motivation killer. It will destroy a great plan, it is the most common cause of failure when people attempt do something that looks like it should work, but they stop doing and begin questioning their “why”, their reasons for doing anything.

You can spend a lifetime asking questions, and believe that each question is of great value to obtaining an answer that will help you, but we don’t live a life with so much time that we can mull things over, inspect every element of an idea, every twist and turn of our thoughts until we are 100% sure that to go forwards with an action is the right thing to do.

We can never have a guarantee about success.

Success is as elusive as the wind, it’s felt and experienced as a pleasant warm breeze that makes you feel great to be alive, but we will never grasp it and hold it between our fingers. We strive towards success with actions that are based on self-confidence, we have faith in our own intelligence, and we use the abilities that we posses to get the job done. We don’t quit learning, we take time to stop once in a while and take stock of where we are going with our project, to ask if we’re still on track, and we notice how by going into the fray of action and staying clear of the constant questioning before starting, we see that our project, our endeavour, is teaching us its real nature.

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You can only fully understand the process by being part of it. You can’t sit back and observe and believe that you know what happens when you do this or that. The nuts and bolts of action can only be found when you are fully committed to the work, the goal, and that you become part of the whole process.

Achievements are experienced while you work, they are not thought about and then obtained through cold actions.

Committing to take action is a powerful moment in life — especially when the action and plan is one that will change your life. A business venture, a university course, the decision to start a completely new path in life, all of these take an enormous amount of mental energy. When you go into a situation fully committed, your mind is free from doubts and worries. You have so much free space to get on and do the work, that you will make fast progress and discover things about the nature of your goal that you could not have known before actually experiencing the work.

A fully committed person, is a person who acts

So when planning to start a new idea that requires action and discipline, learn to recognise the difference between thinking about the plan that you have carefully made, and thoughts that are worries and doubts that creep into the mind.

Worry is useless. It will present you with powerful reasons why it is better to stay clear of your idea, not to act, leave it till tomorrow etc. Our problem as humans is that the mind can only be filled with one thought at one time. So worry will fill a mind with its reasoning and its faulty logic, it will overpower the attention and focus and turn your emotions into a mess of doubts and fretting. Nothing can come of these thoughts, only no-action, and more doubt.

Commitment is the result of a powerful decision based on clarity of mind.

To be committed is to work under the guidance of a solid and final decision to go on with the plan. Focus on what is happening and not on what might happen if something else might happen. keeping our attention on the ideas that arise from actions will ensure that we avoid worry — worry isn’t an active thing, it causes us to collapse into bed and pull the covers over our heads, acting on our plans each day, witnessing our own improvements and our learning from experience that comes through doing, gives us the confidence to know that we are on the right track.

Full commitment to a project is to have made a decision, a decision made will give us clarity of mind and motivate us to carry out the work towards our goal.

I hope you enjoyed this and above all, I hope it helps you to develop the courage to start living the fearless days of your life.

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