Image by Sean P. Durham, Berlin, 2023 Copyright
Image by Sean P. Durham, Berlin, 2023

Choppy Urban Photography and Magic Writing days

The summer is neither here nor there in Berlin; The sun is hot enough to boil the oil in a parked car.

Sean P. Durham
4 min readAug 20, 2023


Then it rains and brings with it a powerful electrical storm, and torrents of rain that whip and lash at the helm of life. It’s interesting.

I’ve had to choose my photography moments carefully. Most of the time I’m working on a photography book, my first, but not my first publishing experience.

I write short stories too. Longish-short stories. I’ve published one or two. I like them, that’s why I published them.

I’m always driving myself on to get to the point where I can stop writing, and begin to rewrite.

Then I edit, then the worry about what I might have missed or got wrong. It’s great fun, and it gives me a hell of stiff back.

I noticed during my writing days that the sun is dipping lower in the sky, earlier than I counted on — I’ve missed out on several good photographic opportunities.

I look out the window at 4 pm, and the shadows are already long. By the time I reach my chosen destination the streets are in the shade, and the sunlight is just about touching the rooftops. It’s Sunday and that means I should be able to do what I want, so…



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