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Character, Style and Fashion in our Daily Lives

Style as a reflection of character and identity, is the stronger focus point than simply trying to stay in fashion; if you always have to be in fashion, your look will change like the wind.

You Create Your Own Style

Style and fashion can be mixed. We all want to fit into society, and especially the place where we presently find ourselves.

Climate and Fashion that are dominated by Style

Women go for the colourful tops, big sunglasses, and jeans and colourful reds and yellows in high-heel shoes.

Unfortunately, in the North of Europe, we see that both men and women go for safe colours. Black, brown and white fills an underground train carriage quickly. A mixture of leather crafted shoes and scuffed sports shoes creates lines of drabness along the floor in front of the seats. Its no wonder that each passenger stares with a glum expression at an almost mirror image of themselves in the opposite seat.

Yet if you look closely, you will see that each person has a very basic idea about how they want to look. This is important.

Drab or not, style is more important to a person than fashion.And i think it is more natural than you might imagine. A non fashionista person would easily reject certain clothing because it doesn’t enhance their idea of themselves, or reflect how they feel at the moment of choice. Yet, what the do choose could appear boring, and monotone to another person.

Clothes that Have Vibes, are your Choices

The high street, the internet, websites and co, have a large offering of possibilities for a person to clothe themselves as they please, without breaking the bank. Today’s prices allow for all tastes in style and fashion.

Quality is another subject. Quality costs money, looking at the price tags on a well made shirt or skirt, can put a jolt through your plans.

In spite of this, it’s quite possible to shop for style and quality without spending ridiculous amounts of money. You just need to educate yourself about style and what to look for in stitching, threads, textiles and how they have been made. Is it partly made by hand? Is it the product of mass manufacturing? Is it an item that you buy and fit to your sizing? There are many opportunities to go shopping and find exactly what you want, make compromises about price and quality with a little jiggling in the end effect.

Shop for Your Style and Choices, without Creating a Conflict

What we all want is an identity. Style will help us along the wax to a solid idea about how to express our own feelings and thoughts by donning stylish clothes and wearing our own choices with confidence.

Hats are In, they always Were

They have no idea of the pleasure of wearing an item that is so personal, so bold, and warm in winter, and shading in summer. It’s a part of my attire. I feel very uncomfortable not wearing a hat. Saying that, I also feel extremely idiotic wearing a baseball cap which I find to be garish, clownish, and when I watch people in the street, I see that most men who wear baseball caps make me think of couch potatoes, white tee shirts and the stains of their dinner smeared across the front of the clothes. It doesn’t look good, let alone cool.

Hats reflect style. Style reflects lifestyle complete.

Expression of thoughts is a big thing in society. Some people are happy to sit at the keyboard at type away at the words of their ideas. Others like to tell the world that their self-respect is reflected in their choice of clothes by wearing appropriate clothes for that day, or that activity. Every piece of clothing expresses an idea about what’s inside the person.

With style thinking, details make all the difference.

Mods were always Dapper Geezers

The Mods loved to “dress up to the nines”, each item of clothing had to be perfectly pressed, shirt buttons the right colour and the top of the shirt at the collar must be buttoned up. Shoes brightly shining and evenly polished. Haircuts trim and well formed.

The Mods are a great bunch of stylists and have set an ongoing train of thought that has influenced a lot of today’s fashion. The way a smart person, a non mod, thinks about looking dapper can easily relate to the attention to details that Mods find so important.

Attention to detail when dressing ensures that you look great, and wear the piece how it was intended to look.

As I mentioned, I love my hats, and shoes from Fluchos in Spain, I prefer a Stingy Hat, the brim turned up and steamed occasionally to get the right look. A battered hat is a shambles and nothing else. I love to pay attention to how I wear it tilted slightly to the side, an inch above my eyebrow, and to be sure that shirt and jacket match the particular hat for that day.

A black hat is very traditional. It also a big problem if you want to wear it often. It sticks out like a block of felt that doesn’t easily slide into style with everything else you’re wearing — I think a woman can get away with a lot in clothes and combinations, but a man is always confronted with the problem of not looking like a poser. He wants to be stylish, not clownish.

Choose what Fits Your Ideal Self

Remember when dressing for style that you want to look like you feel, and express that idea. High street fashion is always an experiment and will often lead an eager person into wearing the latest of what everybody else is wearing.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living

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