This is What Happens when you Walk into your Kitchen

If there’s one place and time each day where we all show a little artistic flair, it’s in the kitchen. The moment I walk into mine I know that I’ve got decisions to make, search the fridge and the cupboards, see what’s in there, find out what I have forgotten to stock up on and come up with an idea about what I want to eat, and cook.

Kitchens are tempting places to be, at first, when we think we are hungry and haul ourselves out of the chair and saunter off to the kitchen we may have an idea about a biscuit and cup of tea.

It doesn’t matter how old and worn the tools are, they have a history known only by those who live in that kitchen.

A kitchen is a studio where regardless of skill levels there is always an opportunity to prove your worth. You can become ambitious in the kitchen for the very first time. Or, you can make a mess of dinner and that’s your business. It’s a personal space where we can allow things to happen and just see what comes of it.

If there ever was a place in this world where a person can get creative without first having to declare herself an artist, it would be the kitchen.

It’s as if we all know that we can do it, to a certain degree something good will come of our effort at making a meal, a club sandwich or having a go at that super looking recipe from a big fat cook book.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living

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