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Adaptation and Social Distancing in Covid-19 Society

Despite individual rights, most people are social animals and are always prepared to change and adapt to new situations.

Sean P. Durham
6 min readJul 3, 2020


The Coronavirus-Covid19 Pandemic has presented one of the most challenging processes of adaptation that we have faced in recent history.

Trust and Fear

Rapid change requires quick and precise thinking, and a lot of trust from the public. But that trust only goes so far, fear and confusion has always got its ugly boot half way through the door.

World Health Organization Figures

In July 2020, according to the World Health Organisation figures , there are 10,533,779 cases of infected people on the planet. Daily new infections are rising again, and we see spikes and troughs on a daily basis, in every country.

Changes in social behaviour are imperative to our health and recovery as a society. If politicians politicize a world health pandemic of Coronavirus, while we are still trying to understand it, then they will rapidly lose the tentative trust of the public. People will follow their own opinions, and develop deaf ears to the media and politicians.

How Social Change Occurs

Normally, a change in society happens locally, or in small groups all around the globe. Think how we adapted to new methods of communication. In the 1990s we watched early adopters using expensive chunky mobile phones in public places.

The mobile phones were weird, and many people thought they were only for wealthy people.

Then, businesses used their Henry Ford style of thinking to have every individual owning a mobile phone within a year or two. They did it, and since the late 1990s we have been practicing isolating ourselves more and more with mobile phones and desktop computers. It’s the go to device when we need to speak to somebody, or simply hear another person’s voice.

We started to accept that we live in a world that changes rapidly with new technology.

Mobile phones caused new habits that caused major changes in our social communication…



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