A very thoughtfully written article, thanks. I have the same fears about technology becoming the go-to way of communication for humans. I’m a language teacher, and find it appalling these days, that so many students have been convinced through marketing that the Machine can teach them more efficiently, and magically-quickly, than a real person who is an experienced teacher. Therapy and teaching both require lots of human interaction to be successful in their outcome.

My observation of machine communication between people, is that people and clients are being taught that the level of results that an App or automated online interaction offers, represents the best results that can be expected.

If people don’t experience a proper human interaction between therapist and client, then, in future, they will no longer have the knowledge and experience of how effective being in the same room with another person can be for them.

The plastic brained Silicon Valley smart arses are attempting to disrupt every business and practice by replacing it with a machine and AI technology.

Their intentions aren’t humanistic, or geared towards the welfare of communities — simply to own a market and dominate it before somebody else does.

Thanks again for a very thought provoking article, Sean.

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