A Few thoughts about the Internet

Sean P. Durham
5 min readMar 31, 2019
Photo by Fernanda Marin on Unsplash

Most of us use the internet everyday. We all have different reasons why we need it, and most us have similar reasons for using it.

Social Media is a similar reason, and research for a job is a different reason. To pass the time of day is reason that most of us have.

Like, Not Like

I love and hate the internet, I can use it to research an idea, cure my curiosity about something somebody said, or use it like it was my personal library without having to put up with some old man wheezing into his newspaper at the next table.

There are skills that we all need to learn as internet users. When hunting down information, we shouldn’t just believe that the first article we read is the truth. It could have been written by an ignoramus who is good with words. Cross checking things by bouncing around and getting diverse opinions on a subject can give us a better lead into our topic. Then go and buy a book written by an expert — that’s if you want to get deeper into the subject.

An book is often the result of studied work, cross-referencing, and the author was motivated to do a good job of turning out a useful resource.

Being able to tell the difference between a truth and a lie is often dependant on the context in which we encounter the said ‘fact’. So we have to watch out.

“There’s a compounding and unravelling chaos that is perpetually in motion in the Dark Web’s toxic underbelly.” ― James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

Spooky Stuff

There are spooky places on the internet, places where I’ve not been but only hear about. The expression, “Dark-Web”, gets said quickly, and under the breath, and I’m never sure if I should stop the speaker and ask, “what’s the dark-web all about?”.

I might open a can of worms, they might tell me about the wild parties happening down there in the darkness, the place where angels fear to tread. I’ve always liked those places. My experiences of dark and spooky places has only happened in the real world, face time with strange, shady characters that you would never tell your mother about.



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