The Business of Cats and a Lost Kitten

The first forty years of my life were cat-free. I thought that nothing could change my mind.

Sean P. Durham
4 min readMay 19


One day, long ago, in a far away land, I came across a kitten in a small urban street. It was late night, the moon was full and an evening walk seemed in order.

I saw a kitten alone in the street.

As I passed, I noticed that the kitten kept his eyes on a group of wheely-bins where a tom cat waited to rush out and attack.

The tom cat’s large family meandered about the street as if waiting for the show to begin.

When the kitten saw me, he tried to wedge himself between my boots for protection. This made me take notice. I made space for him and he shoved his tiny body between my boots. I looked down and noticed the top of his motor-oily head.

I felt his shoulders shrug and twitch as he attempted to make himself disappear between my feet. His body trembled, and he was on full alert as he watched everything that moved.

I suddenly felt as if I was in a hurry. I didn’t want to get involved in the business of cats. but, I’d clearly already taken sides in the scenario.

A street wise tom cat protecting his family with the brutality of natural instinct, and a small bundle of messy fur with big eyes that reflected the street lamps, changed my mind; I was rooting for the little one whether I wanted to or not.

The smart little fellow was building a street gang of sorts, he’d recruited me as his first member.

I had no intention of doing anything more than helping him get away from the big tom cat that was about to inflict damage.

Street cats have a hierarchy. The tom cat is always busy checking things outside the herd while the queen protects from within the family.

This street tom had half a tail, a bent ear, and the fur around its head had seen better days. Clearly versed in the art of street fighting I couldn’t leave the kitten alone with him.

Two strangers, from two different paths of life. No matter the difference in species, when strong and vulnerable paths meet, take responsibility and do the right thing.



Sean P. Durham

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