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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living. Photography, thoughts on psychologies, art, and creativity.
Typewriter with the words the best way is to just start written on paper
Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

When we write, we practise communication. Our work doesn’t have to be a work of staggering genius, but it should awaken that dormant feeling of narrative and story in the reader. It’s a two way experience.

I implement the creative process in all of my activities. Creativity becomes a powerful motivator in daily life.

When I’m tired I still write, I know it’ll work for me because I trust in the creative energy, and I know it will rise to the occasion, once again.

The Problem of sitting down to Write.

Getting our backside into the writer’s seat is a problem for many of us. To get started on doing something that we profess to love doing, seems to be an enormous problem half the time.

It occurred to me one day, that the real problem of sitting in the writer’s chair, a…

Happy, successful people dancing in the street
Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash

The biggest obstacle to success in life is failure. The failure to act.

Life is made up of all types of salts and spices. It creates an interesting world, and a confusing world.

We have writers, and artists, and we have business people, and we have loafers. Not the Italian shoes. I mean those people who want others to do the work, but reap the benefits themselves.

When a person sets out to become successful, they are immediately confronted with unknown set-backs.

Set-backs are part of the game of life. They are inevitable.

The game needs determination and persistence to understand how to overcome those obstacles.

Each time a person begins something new…

Tiger sleeping
Photo by Carolina Munemasa on Unsplash

I’ve often thought about the problem of getting on in business and life, and asked myself what the secret sauce really is. I think I might know the secret.

When I was younger I wanted adventure. I was straining at the bit.

I had an enormous thirst for something extremely challenging. Money didn’t turn me on. So, I joined the army and got through the training into a crack regiment. I’m proud of that one. 65 young men on a training course, and 16 of us passed through at the end of a couple of months of hard physical training.

I then headed off to join my Regiment, “The Tigers”.

I liked the hardship, the tough challenges, and I thrived on dangerous situations during training. The “trimnasium”, a thirty-foot-high…

Man thinking about asking a great question
Photo by Ludovic Migneault on Unsplash

We instinctively know that when we allow others to ask us deeply personal questions, we are making ourselves vulnerable. Great questions elicit honest answers.

Great questions help us move on to better things in life.

A person who doesn’t face up to themselves and admit their negative behaviour, or their shortcomings, will hide the fact from themselves and others.

They avoid looking for the answer to questions because the answers may urge action and responsibility.

The answer may turn out to be, “Take action, do this, do that. Then, everything will change.”

Life is like that, it gets changed through our actions. It gets worse through our failure to act.

Failure in communication is common.

We exchange information each day, and most of it…

Writer’s idea machine -typewriter with red flowers
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Every beginner writer needs a little nudge and guidance. Here’s a few ideas to help you.

The beginning of writing starts with an ‘urge’. It’s a nameless emotion that pushes, nudges, and makes its way to the forefront of the mind.

If you are serious about writing, then the urge develops into a need. Hopefully a daily need that you satisfy gladly.

Every beginner rides on a wave of enthusiasm for a while, but the enthusiastic impulses begin to wane as the daily practice begins to feel more like work.

That’s to be expected, and every good writer has experienced the crest of a wave, followed by the splash of cold water. …

Writing difficult roads will lead to beautiful destinations in your work
Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

The best method of achieving your writing goals is to write each day — with or without the doubts.

“He who has a Why, can bear any How” Friedrich Nietzsche

If you know why you write, you will always find a way to achieve the goals you set yourself. That’s human nature. We love a positive challenge that spurs us onto greater things.

Writing is always a fruitful experience for a person who knows why they write. Writers are resilient people, they stick at it, and never give up. Some writers claim that they couldn’t quit even if they tried.

Think of all the jobs and pursuits in the world, and ask yourself how many people live a life…

Photo Image; Sean P. Durham, Berlin, 2021

I just took my camera and went for a walk. It was a dull day, but I got some bright shots.

It’s tough when the weather changes. It might rain, it might turn chilly and damp. Nothing beats summer heat, and the feeling of a vibrant city on the go.

Autumn Suitcase
Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Autumn is creeping up on us. In my part of the world, Northern Europe, each new day seems duller, cloudier, and a flat light is covering the land.

Oh well, what’d you do?

When the sun is shining a photographer is always spoilt for choice.

Autumn brings the flat light as cloud covers the land, no dark shifting shadows to play cat and mouse with, people on the street seem to have chosen the darkest colours they can find — often, in Berlin, I think people appear as if they’re in mourning as they trundle about dressed in black clothing.

It’s time to change the thought processes, and start focussing on structures instead of colours that look drab without a splash of sunlight. …

Light and Shadow never stand still, they are always dancing together.

The camera is like a portal that offers an entrance into another world. We don’t see everything around us, that’s a fact. We make choices, often unconscious choices that filter everything for us.

I love apples. They are tasty and they are healthy to eat. But if I stop and admire nature’s work in the form of an apple, I realise how much I’ve taken for granted the vivid colours and the forms found in different types of apple.

Then move along to pears, not only the mild green-yellow of its skin, but the slightly rough textured skin. …

Paris window view
Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash

Many of the group knew of Paul Auster. Some of them had read a few of his stories.

Back to Part I

Alice stood up, and turned to the group.

“We need to act quickly. Two groups of kidnappers, Okay?”

Dennis stood behind her, “She’s right, two groups to find him, then kidnap him and bring him back here. All of it done quietly.”

Alice pointed at three people, a woman and two men in their late twenties, and said, “You three will go to Paris, and find him. I think he still lives there. We have the address in a book in my flat.”

“I bet you don’t have it,” Said one of the men.

“Remember, all…

Sean P. Durham

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