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Magician frog as creativity

The magic of creativity should always be in the foreground of your photographic work.

Since the invention and development of the digital camera, photographers have been faced with the ever increasing offer of processes that are controlled by software applications.

Apps, those little bits and pieces that we can use to, apparently, make everything easier for ourselves.

You can set your expensive camera on…

She descended the stairs quickly, she had all day. It was a rainy Saturday morning, she wanted to relax. Sit in a cafe, alone, drink coffee, maybe a croissant. Then wait for the phone call.

She walked along the street. She had no time for slow coaches who blocked her path. Her heels clicked, she stopped and pushed the cafe door open, looked around and chose a table next to the window. She could watch the street while she waited for the call.

The call…

Part II. Carlos and Pepe enter the first house where they exctract the bags of hidden money. As they head to the next stash house, they are followed through the streets of Medellin.

Carlos knocked on the door of the small house in Calle de Fortuna. The narrow dusty street smelled of oil. The red brickwork at the front of the small casita reflected the afternoon heat.

A man opened the door. Carlos and Pepe stepped inside without speaking.

Pepe watched his brother’s…

Handgun with bullets on black cloth

The first section of a new long-short story. Pablo Escobar, and what happened to two of his men who survived the end days of a cocaine empire.

The brothers went to the armoury at the back of the finca and took out two handguns and a Kalashnikov AK47. Pepe held the weapon close to his body and ran his palm across the wooden stock. He smiled at his brother.
“Hey Carlos! We never thought we would get our…

People in love together

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness

If life is not about how to love, then how can meaningfulness exist?

Love between people. That’s all.

Not only the butterfly type of romantic love that causes hearts and trumpets to sound with every footstep on a sunny day, but also love between friends, between partners living together, and…

a street with the words happiness stencilled onto the plaster stone

Self love takes courage. Courage means facing up to your true self and learning to recognise fears that camouflage themselves as ‘sensible’ thinking.

In a world that is ever filled with fear, and selfishness, life becomes confusing. It makes it hard to distinguish between fear, and the sensible behaviours that protects us.

Fear is an infectious mind-set that drives people in the wrong direction. It causes frustrations and arguments, unnecessarily.

Fear uses hate…

Still life photography isn’t all about photographing old objects. Still life in creative photography can be a representation of the modern mind.

If you can learn to see, you can learn to use a camera to create beautiful photos.

The ability to understand how light and shadow flows over an object, how it creates an expression that appeals to people’s sense of aesthetic, is all about your increasing ability to combine shapes…

Sean P. Durham

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