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Readers keep reading if there is conflict, they enjoy a good story that is full of characters who clash and create problems that seem impossible to resolve. A clever author will always find a way out of the conflict, and lead the reader deeper into more exciting situations.

Every resolving scene also presents a new problem to overcome. Conflict stems from characters who have problems facing up to their challenges.

When we come up with an idea to write a story, we tend to have just an inkling of an idea that bobs about in our minds. From that point…

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Knowing that you are right about the type of creative work you do, and knowing that you can make good decisions about a project leads to a stronger creative personality, a more powerful creative output. It creates meaningfulness in life.

Many writers and creative people suffer from anxiety about their work. They can become anxious about what they do.

They become anxious about sitting down to work at their writing, they can become anxious about almost anything that is related to their work. …

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I heard a very low humming sound coming from inside somebody’s pocket. One of the two men sitting at the table behind me pulled out his phone and clicked a button.

The phone stopped ringing.

The man standing at the toilet door put his phone away and walked towards the bar. He stopped next to me. I looked at him, he was tall, and looked like he spent a lot of time doing bench presses. He looked down at me, nodded, then asked Yola to get him a drink. She put the drink on the counter, he walked along the…

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Image: Stokpic on Pixabay

Imagine though, that you start to run along the sides of the derelict works of this old listening station, a relic of the Cold War that is now left to the winters and the rains. With all the energy of your legs, and your mind, bent on jumping from the Teufelsberg into the realms of air.

The atmosphere around Teufelsberg was once full of signals, vibrations, and radio waves that spread above and below the tree tops. The air is full of these invisible waves that once intercepted and captured information. …

Woman looking into computer screen wearing white mask
Woman looking into computer screen wearing white mask
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Berlin is a fun city. You can sit and drink coffee with your friends, normally. If you enjoy music, live or DJ, you would find yourself in the right place.

But right now, it’s the wrong time for that. DJs spinning discs, and musical strings up on stage, won’t be heard.

You can’t hear the Jazz anymore.

The jingle-tap of a tambourine, harmony singers, soft voices in dark rooms, Rap, Techno, or 30 violins in an orchestra playing The Brandenburg Concertos. It’s all been shut down and locked up. …

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Doubt cripples us, fear can kill any chance of a good idea growing legs and walking — if we allow it.

Doubts are the little babies that fear breeds.

It does this purposefully, it wants us to stop and think about things a little longer.

It wants to stop us from being hasty about our lovely plans that seem so warm and fuzzy as they swim around in the giddy pool of our thoughts.

Fear is a real thing. As real as the mind itself. It has a good purpose in life, it protects us when danger is lurking.


Loaf of bread depicting perfection — creative thinking
Loaf of bread depicting perfection — creative thinking
Photo by Mohd Aram on Unsplash

The Pandemic has created an upheaval in the lives of many people who just wanted a decent job, and decent income.

People have been sent home to work at their kitchen tables, others have lost jobs and find themselves pushing the envelope of their thoughts for new ideas.

I know several people who have been forced to think hard and change course because of the pandemic. They didn’t want to do this. Their business, basically, came to a stop because of the inability to physically meet clients.

All this has created a more urgent need for entrepreneurial spirit and creative…

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Derby Hat — Berlin, 2021

Ask any good street photographer, and they will tell you that your lens choice is up to you. That’s right. There is a good reason why.

Your street photography is a personal thing, it’s your game, and you make the rules. The type of shots that you normally gravitate towards will contain the hints of style that you are looking for.

Your lens helps you or hinders you in getting that great shot.

It’s always about what you want, how you see the street, and you don’t want a cheap lens to foil your intentions.

These days there are a…

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Alex Jones — Conspiracy-Storyteller

Often, conspiracy theories develop and strengthen around events that are hard to explain.

911 Attacked and The Twin Towers

Take the 911 attack on Twin Towers, it took a few days before official Government statements became clearer about who the perpetrators were. The hours of speculation after the attack gave enough space for online conspiracy theorists to begin their own narrative about who was responsible, and why it had happened. The 911 attack left many unanswered questions, and strange events surrounding it gave rise to a conspiracy theory about a Government orchestrated attack that gave an excuse for them to attack Iraq.

“Truck loads of gold…

Building in a snowy cityscape
Building in a snowy cityscape
Photo by Ryan De Hamer on Unsplash

Walk into the Unexpected City

When we stop and think about it, our own neighbourhood, the local manor, the small side streets and the local square that we tend to take for granted, is more foreign to us than we’d admit.

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