3 Reasons Why being Different leads to Your Success

Being different with a purpose is a powerful way to live.

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If you sincerely want to have a successful and achievement filled life, then you need to get serious about who you really are — What do you stand for? That’s the biggest question you can ask yourself every morning until the day comes when you know the answer off the bat.

Self Knowledge is key knowledge.

Learning to think for yourself develops that unbreakable self-confidence that is needed to survive and succeed in a world that seems to have gone crazy. Every business, every life-style, and every new good thing that comes along, is crammed to the brim within weeks of some influencer telling his or her YouTube fans that it’s the channel to use, or the best way to succeed.

Influencers have a big responsibility. Many of them are good for some people, and many are not good for everybody. You must know what it is that you want out of life to be able to get it. It’s very much up to you to find out.

The first step in finding out who you are and what you want is to be absolutely honest with yourself.

You have to be able to see yourself as you are, get to know something about your limitations, and do something about changing bad habits into useful habits that will help you get an edge on your daily life.

Humans have an ability to see the world according to their own values. This is a good thing, and it’s a bad thing.

It’s a bad thing because it allows us to create illusions about how the world is, how the world works and how we relate to those illusions — basically, we can create a cartoon world in our head and start to believe it is a reflection of the real world. The human mind will use faulty reasoning to make wild and whacky ideas that work on the mental plane to sound and feel as if they will work in the physical world. That’s what lead to trouble for you and me.

We must be honest with ourselves and understand that as normal human beings we are limited. That sounds boring, yeah, but it also creates a field of parameters that allow us to see that our abilities extend far and wide within the realms of the real world. Basically, get real and you will get results.

When you work on yourself with the intention of finding out a few hard facts about who you are and what you want, it’s important to keep it to yourself.

Don’t share it. Build it within your mind and allow your ideas to mature and begin to reflect their reality into your own life.

The difference between a real idea and an unworkable idea, on a personality basis, is that the mind has the uncanny ability to make “narrative leaps”, it will convince you that a thought is workable and relatable to the real world when it isn’t. The narrative leap is when a big chunk of information has been left out of the story, but the story picks-up again at a point where things ‘seem’ logical — your mind will quickly fill in the gaps with a broad stroke of a brush.

That’s why every detail must become very clear in your mind. When it is clear, it is realistic.

“So within, so without”. Is a powerful law of life. Important to know about this idea is what it means, if it is real within you and can be real outside of yourself.

The key word is “Real”

Other people, Influencers and Gurus, Self-Proclaimed experts on every subject, don’t have a clue what it is that you want. They can’t understand what the mechanism of your thought processes are or the circumstances of your personal life are. They can’t show you, they can only look back at their own lives and point in the direction that they are going, hoping it will appeal to you.

Their ideas may appear to be common sense because they are talking about some of the things that you want. Money, better income, paid off debt, the ability to realise yourself as a human being.

That last one, “Realise yourself as a human being”, is imperative for you if you wish to achieve anything in life.

There is no money and wealth unless you are in the position to act in an effective way, to be knowledgeable about yourself and to know the results of your actions.

It’s a secret work that only involves you, it is not the business of the next ego-maniac who will want to tell you all about how you should, once again, change your ideas and start doing what they tell you.

To find yourself and to learn about who you are in this world, is to become powerful as a human being. Your actions will become precise and effective. Your view of life will be based on reality and you will, therefore, deal with and build the things needed for a good life based on having your feet firmly planted on the earth and your head confidently working in the world of powerful ideas.

No Influencer can give you this

Influencers are useful when you need technical details and structured ideas that have been developed and proved by others.

I say this because if you take a look around the internet, at anything, you will bump into half a dozen people who are trying to get your attention, they want you to listen to them so that they can fulfill their needs. They don’t know who you are, or where you came from, but they have just the thing for you. Some of them are experts at convincing us that we have sought them out and they have just what we need — that’s their job, to convince you that if you buy their cheap course and then the next one, you will discover that your life will change dramatically within weeks or months.

Think “Narrative Leap”. A salesperson who doesn’t care about customers will work on the basis that you, the customer, will fill in the gaps in the story about how her product will fit perfectly into your life.

Being able to think for yourself, discover the resources in your mind, the self confidence and the naturally given strengths that help you act effectively in your life, will take you giant steps towards your goal.

Self-confidence in action leads to taking responsibility. Self responsibility is to have courage and to take a chance on yourself. Knowing that if things go wrong you will take the blame and not give it to others. If it goes right, you’ll have made that big step towards a new goal that could only logically come after achieving the first goal.

Being Different in your approach works like a shield that protects you from the banter and chatter of the world — the internet.

You will find more self confidence in your actions when you the plan stems from your own heart and not the wild claims of a whacky Guru.

Your own way will be clearer in your mind, and you will naturally feel more determined to see the plan through to accomplishment.

Live beyond the voice of critics. Keepthe details to yourself. A day will come when you will instinctively know that you can talk about your actions and plans without the danger of being infected by the ego based opinions of other people. Own yourself, be yourself.

Doing things your own weay will make you focus only on that method. The elements of your plans, your way of doing things, will be the truths that you live through discovery. They always become stronger and more solid. They become reality within and without.

3 Reasons to be Yourself

  1. Self-reliance leads to a tough mental attitude of self-trust
  2. Refusing to follow the crowd will ensure that you see your own needs with clarity
  3. Being different gives you the opportunity to discover who you really are, and to what levels of action you are really capable of.

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